Innovative Non-Surgical Options to Treat Pain

Doctor LeDoux is passionate about offering ground-breaking solutions to his patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area for the greatest success in treating their chronic pain conditions. Nerve pain caused by diseases like diabetes, cancer, and sciatica affects millions of people nationwide. As individuals try to cope and manage pain, their quality of life is diminished, and their mental health suffers. Dr. LeDoux is proud to offer effective relief with Calmare® technology.

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Benefits of Calmare Treatment

Because untreated pain conditions can lead to so many other health issues, finding proper care is critical. Surgical options aren’t always the best route since they might not provide complete relief, carry risks of complications, and can result in infections. Calmare technology is a safer alternative for certain nerve conditions, and its benefits include:

  • It's a non-invasive treatment option
  • It doesn’t require taking any drugs or medications
  • It's been proven successful in treating pain
  • Relief is felt immediately

Avoid Unnecessary Surgery With a Non-Invasive Treatment

Thousands of patients have experienced the benefits and immediate pain relief the Calmare device can deliver. It is trusted by many of the top cancer centers and medical facilities across the country, and Dr. LeDoux offers it as a top-rated pain-relief physician.

What Is It?

The Calmare device is an FDA-approved piece of equipment used to treat chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain. It effectively treats chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and chronic conditions that haven't responded to prescription medications. Invented by Italian developers, Calmare means “to soothe or ease” in Italian.

Who Is It For?

Patients who suffer from neuropathic pain, pain from cancer and chemotherapy, sciatica, phantom limb syndrome, low back pain, failed back surgery syndrome, and more. Individuals with these conditions benefit from long-lasting effects, and it produces relief in 80% of the patients who have received this type of care.

How Does It Work?

The device uses electrodes applied to the skin's surface to emit a message of no pain to nerve endings, replacing the current pain signals they send to the brain. No matter the patient's pain level, they should experience relief immediately. Follow-up treatments are encouraged for the best results, but patients can go quite a long time between treatments.

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