Shoulder Pain

Effective Solutions for Shoulder Pain and Injuries

Shoulders provide the ability for a wide range of motion and allow us to do many things when the joints are healthy and free from pain. But because of the number of bones, muscles, and tendons connected between the shoulders, back, and upper arms, the slightest problem with any of them can limit mobility and cause pain ranging from one to 10 on a tolerance scale. Mark LeDoux, MD offers patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area several different treatment options for minor to severe injuries.
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Diagnosing Shoulder Injuries

Dr. LeDoux will want to complete a full examination of your shoulder condition for a precise diagnosis and proper treatment plan. We’ll discuss the type of pain you’re experiencing. Is it a dull ache or sharp, shooting pain? Other questions he may ask and exercises he will likely test include:

  • Does it hurt to lift your arm above your head?
  • If you hold your arm straight out and turn your palm up or down, do you feel pain?
  • How does it feel to hold your arm straight out to the side?
  • Can you pick up a glass without pain?
  • Is it uncomfortable to put on a jacket?

Common Shoulder Problems That Cause Pain

At the first sign of noticeable discomfort or limited mobility, you're probably wondering, what did I do to my shoulder? Many common issues patients face are due to repetitive motion or a minor injury that never healed.


Car accidents, sports, work injuries, and other traumatic events are common causes of different shoulder injuries

Shoulder Arthritis

This can be caused by years of repetitive motions from work or playing sports, but it can also be the side effect of another illness.


The fluid-filled sacks that cushion the bones of the shoulder are called bursae and, when inflamed, can be a source of unbearable pain.


Tendonitis is a concern for every joint in the body. It’s often caused by overuse or a tear of the ligament.

Rotator Cuff Issues

These are as common for pitchers in baseball as they are for professionals who paint for a living.

Sprains & Strains

Sometimes, just moving suddenly or the wrong way can strain the shoulder and cause injury.

Finding Relief From Shoulder Injuries

Your healing is Mark LeDoux, MD's primary concern. He has worked with patients suffering from various shoulder injuries in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for more than a decade with great success. Non-surgical options like physical therapy often return positive results. Proper rest is critical, and once the shoulder is able, a strength program to regain health is essential. As the shoulder strengthens and heals, the discomfort subsides, and mobility is regained. Other treatment options for more severe injuries are also available. Contact us today.

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