Knee Pain

Dr. LeDoux Provides Relief for Knee Pain and Injuries

Whether you're a young athlete or someone managing the effects of getting older, knee pain is common and shouldn’t be ignored. Mark LeDoux, MD is dedicated to finding ways for his patients to manage and overcome knee issues because he understands that life is better when people feel better. You don’t have to accept knee pain as part of getting old or the price you pay for being an athlete. In partnership with Dr. LeDoux, you will have a recovery plan to minimize discomfort for a healthier you.
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Where Is Your Knee Pain?

The joints, muscles, and tendons that make up the knee are under a lot of strain daily. You don't have to be a competitive athlete making sudden stops and starts to inflict an injury. Stepping awkwardly off a curb or slipping on a flight of stairs is just as common for knee problems. Various parts of the knee are at risk, such as:

  • The patella, also called the kneecap
  • The meniscus, which helps absorb stress
  • The cartilage that cushions the knee
  • The ligaments that keep your knee steady
  • The joint capsule responsible for lubricating the knee

Common Knee Injuries and Sources of Pain

The level of your pain, the area of discomfort, and the origin of the injury are likely different from that of another patient. For this reason, it's critical you see an experienced pain specialist like Dr. LeDoux for a proper diagnosis. He treats it all.

Meniscus Tears

There are two menisci, one on the interior and one on the exterior of the knee. Tears cause stiffness, swelling, and instability.

Kneecap Injuries

These include patellar tendonitis, runner's knee, and patellofemoral pain syndrome that causes pain under the kneecap.


Tendons attach muscles to the bones, and when they become inflamed, tendonitis causes pain when bending or straightening the leg.

Knee Ligament Tears

Tearing any one of the four ligaments in the knee will keep you from being able to pivot, turn, or twist your leg.


There are different forms of arthritis, but most patients respond to the various treatments that help reduce pain.


If there is a strain on the ligaments without a full tear, that is known as a sprain and should be treated for a full recovery.

Find Treatment for Knee Pain in DFW

Mark LeDoux, MD is a double-certified, fellowship-trained physician compassionate about finding ways to help patients achieve a life where they’re not limited by injuries or chronic pain conditions. Some injuries respond positively to physical therapy, others benefit from chiropractic care, and some may require more advanced methods like regenerative medicine. The important thing to know is there is help for you and your injury, so you don’t have to continue living in pain. Schedule an appointment today.

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